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Soul Purpose Counseling

Intuitive Psychotherapy & Emotional Wellness Services


“The wound is the place where the light enters you."

Courtney Adédoyin

MA, LPC, Apetebi

As a psychotherapist and emotional wellness practitioner, I find great delight in bearing witness to the evolution of those seeking growth and healing along their human journey. My areas of expertise include trauma, PTSD, dual diagnoses, interpersonal relationship issues, and various manifestations of addictions. I hold a high regard for the power of the therapeutic relationship, which I seek to cultivate through compassion, connection, education, empowerment, and validation.


Individual Therapy

Enroot Yourself through Healing and Alignment with Your Authentic Self

Soul and spirituality abstract concept  for mourning and world human spirit day with warm

Emotional Wellness Sessions

Empower Yourself through Conscious, Compassion-Based Emotional Alchemy. 

Image by Nitish Meena

Group Therapy

Co-create Your Experience of Healing  Through Connection and Community

White Plants

Integrative Sessions

Clear blockages and align with your higher self through EFT (tapping), Breathwork, and other transformative practices. 

Healing Stones
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